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Sketch Workshop 1

It is a collection of 332 drawings made during the research phases to document me before the realization of my stories. This is the proposed version, for those who already habitually draw, or for those who need, for various reasons, to quickly find ideas to correct the general approach of the human figure, during the creative process.

It does not pose as an anatomical manual, it is not!
You will not find the skeleton or the proportions to draw the human figure, there are more specific editions and manuals on this topic.

When I have to make a comic story I'm used to documenting myself through photographs, and various references.
This allows me to get results that are closer to my goal, which most of the time, is a realistic style.
Of course, it always depends on the initial project. Sometimes a too realistic result can result in a job that will probably cover only a specific area of interest, in particular, the over 40 age group.

Angelo carmelo montana copertina1

Sketch Workshop 1